New Release: Bordertown!

New to Bordertown, a safe-haven for monsters, journalist Gavin Masters wants to help Deputy Vikki Valentine catch a serial-killer. He thinks it’s the same unsub his former RCMP father pursued 6 years ago. He knows his father lied about why the trail went cold, and why the murders abruptly stopped. Now the killer is back, pissed-off, undead, and has his sights set on the Masters family.

This is the original 3-Day Novella. It was written and edited in 3 days, and won 2nd place overall back in 2015. This 40,000-word novella has been remastered for its 5th anniversary release. Best of all, it’s FREE until September 3, 2020, to help promote the 3-Day Novella Contest. Enjoy!

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