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Return to the Tribe and Fire

by Sandy Lender

The Pyredeltan virus turned the world into a zombie wasteland. Now Stef and a handful of survivors must band together to survive in a ‘rabidly’ deteriorating society.

This apocalyptic zombie horror was an easy favorite with several judges in the 2020 3-Day Novella Contest, where it tied for 2nd place. At 13,000-words, it’s a quick, thrilling read, and well worth the journey!


by Gavin Masters

New to Bordertown, a safe-haven for monsters, journalist Gavin Masters wants to help Deputy Vikki Valentine catch a serial-killer. He thinks it’s the same unsub his former RCMP father pursued 6 years ago. He knows his father lied about why the trail went cold, and why the murders abruptly stopped. Now the killer is back, pissed-off, undead, and has his sights set on the Masters family.

This 40,000-word paranormal police procedural won 2nd place in the 2015 3-Day Novel Contest. It has since spawned an entire trilogy, with more books in the works.

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